Pictures of Midhurst Past

The following images were kindly supplied by Stuart Sansom for use on our website. If you wish to copy them elsewhere we would be grateful for a link back to this website.

Here also is some information about the residents of Midhurst in 1851:
There was 1481 inhabitants living in 280 inhabited dwellings. The number of offspring living in each household was as follows:

  • 99 households with no offspring living at home.
  • 46 households with one living at home.
  • 42 households with two living at home.
  • 25 households with three living at home.
  • 31 households with four living at home.
  • 11 households with five living at home.
  • 18 households with six living at home.
  • 6 households with seven living at home.
  • 1 household with ten living at home.

There were two households of 14 persons with 5-6 offspring, and four households of 11 persons with 0-4 offspring. The largest household was the Grammer School with 34 persons, 10 of whom were the Head’s offspring.
4% of the inhabitants worked in leather. 41 people were employed in boot or shoe making. There were:

  • Seven harness makers or saddlers.
  • Four glovers.
  • Two fellmongers.
  • One tanner.
  • One leather seller.