6th October 2021 – Our work trousers range has been updated with the latest innovation: stretch trousers.  The LW721 is a modern slim fit, with a stretch fabric that offers comfort while working.  They also come with multiple pockets, including a tuck in holster pocket, and are reinforced at the areas that take the most wear.  They have pockets to take knee pads.  Please see below for further details and our full work trousers range:

Work Trousers

16th September 2021 – Our safety boots range has been updated with two new styles.  The LW631 is a water resistant boot with steel midsoles, and the LW632 is a black trainer boot with midsoles.  Both styles are only £34.95 for high quality safety boots.  Please see below for further details and other items in our range:

Safety Boots with Steel Toe Caps – Lace Up

From 19th July 2021 the rules concerning distancing and face coverings in shops will be withdrawn. We have given this very careful consideration, and our policy from that date will be as follows:

  • We continue to politely request only one person in the shop at a time, as a courtesy to customers who may still wish to socially distance.
  • You are welcome to enter the shop either with or without a face covering.
  • You may see staff members either wearing or not wearing a face covering, depending on their own personal circumstances. However, if you would like a member of staff to wear a face covering while you are in the shop, please ask. We will not be offended!
  • Hand sanitiser will still be available at the door, and by the card machine. We will continue to frequently clean door handles, etc.
  • We are happy to serve you at the door if you do not wish to come in.
  • If you are waiting outside and need a chair to sit on, please ask.
  • We can still deliver or post your orders if you prefer.
  • You are very welcome to visit the shop, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

For further information please see our Covid-19 Info page.

(Earlier news updates deleted)