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Midhurst Past Page 2

Presented below are some more pictures of Midhurst from the past.
To see larger versions of the pictures, just click on the thumbnails below. Pictures will load in a new browser window.

Midhurst Past 14 Midhurst Past 26 Midhurst Past 15 Midhurst Past 28
1: Bepton Road, before the bomb damage of the Second World War.
2: King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra on their way to open the King Edward VII Sanatorium in 1906.
3: West Street pictured 1912 approx. 4: North Street Pictured 1870.

Midhurst Past 19 Midhurst Past 17 Midhurst Past 18 Midhurst Past 25
1: A herdsman with his goats in Market Square 1905 approx.
2: A presentation of coronation mugs in Market Square, to mark the coronation of King George V.
3: North Street at about the turn of the century. 4: North Street 1912 approx, showing the Public Hall and the Vicarage.

Midhurst Past 16 Midhurst Past 27 Midhurst Past 20
1: The royal train arriving at Midhurst Station in 1906. 2: North Street looking North 1912 approx. 3: Midhurst Library pictured about 1900 when it was cottages.

Midhurst Past 21 Midhurst Past 22
1: Cowdray Ruins Late 19th Century. 2: Church Hill and Red Lion Street pictured 1910 approx.
On the right is the chemist shop where H.G. Wells once worked. He was educated at Midhurst Grammar School.

Midhurst Past 23 Midhurst Past 24
1: The boiler for King Edward VII Sanatorium arriving in 1905 by steam engine.
2: The West Sussex Archery Club at Cowdray Ruins early 1900s.


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