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Our Logo, Picture or Text Printing Service

We are now able to offer logo, picture or text printing, which can be used for any combination of images and text, photographic, clipart, etc.

Please note that unlike embroidery or heat transfer printing, both of which are services we also offer, this printing service is not guaranteed as permanent (see below for further details), so we always recommend choosing embroidery or heat transfer where possible. However, our logo printing service offers a very useful option at reasonable cost, that is particularly suitable for one-off events, or garments such as high visibility waistcoats, where regular washing is not necessary.

At Lavant Workwear we undertake all our garment printing onsite. We pride ourselves on an excellent finish every time and we take great care to ensure that all prints are level and in just the right position. We always use top quality inks and transfer film, and the designs are heat pressed on, rather than ironed, ensuring an even temperature during application.

If you are interested in our printing service, please email us with your requirements at:

We always reply promptly to emails, so if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours please resend your email and check that the email address is correct.

We do not charge any set-up fees and we have no minimum quantity!

You do not have to be local to us to order printing from us. We can post orders to any location in the UK, so please email us with your requirements.

The pricing structure for logo printing is as follows, and please read below for further details:

Logo/Picture/Lettering Printing, up to A4 size:

1 print: £20.00 + VAT.
Between 2 and 4 prints: £10 + VAT each.
Between 5 and 9 prints: £5.50 + VAT each.
Between 10 and 19 prints: £4.50 + VAT each.
Between 20 and 39 prints: £4.00 + VAT each.
40 or more prints: £3.00 + VAT each.

Further info:
  • Only available on garments sold by us.
  • Our testing of this process has shown that durability is good after washing, but only if the washing instructions are observed. This involves washing at 30 degrees, inside out, and not using a tumble dryer. Over a period of time the print may gradually fade or crack, depending on various factors such as choice of washing powder, but careful washing will keep this to a minimum.
  • Our testing has also shown that ignoring the washing instructions (e.g. washing at 40 degrees, tumble drying) is highly unlikely to destroy the print altogether, but fading/peeling will be considerably increased.
  • For this reason, we recommend this process for one-off events rather than company uniforms. We have good alternative processes available where longevity is important: embroidery or heat transfer printing.
  • Where ironing is required, please iron the inside of the garment. Do not iron directly over the print.
  • For prints on dark colour garments or black garments your design will be bordered with a white rectangular or square background.
  • For prints on light colour garments or white garments no border will be visible. Only your design will appear on the garment. Please note that any white elements of your design are an absence of ink! So therefore nothing will be printed on light colour garments where there is white in the design. E.g. if you choose light grey t-shirts, and your design has some white as part of the image, then the light grey will simply show through in those areas. In those circumstances we would recommend the use of white garments or dark colour garments only.

All prices are correct at time of writing but are subject to change without notice.


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